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A mobile app that enables you to impulsively identify and purchase a garment or accessory that you see in real life. Designed an end-to-end flow covering the experience from the moment of awareness to purchase completion.


Pixels can be integrated with native and third party apps. For example, you can activate Pixels on a photo from the gallery as well as run it over an Instagram post of a friend.

Pixels will continuously learn about your likes and dislikes with respect to your shopping habits and give appropriate recommendations.

Let us try and understand Pixels, through Elisa

Elisa | 34 Years | Co-founder & Marketing Manager | Tech Startup

Elisa co-founded the startup two years ago when she along with a couple of her friends saw a big opportunity in the role of social media in marketing.

They provide a solution to monitor whether or not their clients are having effective conversations with their customers online.


Location: Shuttles between San Francisco, California, and Boston, Massachusetts.

Degree: MBA Marketing.

Hobbies: Travelling, Cycling and Shopping. She likes to read stuff by Webber, Kotler and Godin


Role: Cross linking company globally and generate sales lead

Worked for Company: 3 years

Recognition: Recent mention in Fast Company and Tech crunch


Day to Day:  Generate leads to meet sales targets. Involves a lot of travel.

Career: Grow, sell and start another startup

Company: Grow the business, focussing on quarterly targets.

01 | Live Pixels - Point at an object


02 | Post Pixels - Pick from the Gallery


Launching Pixels from Any Screen


Pixels can be launched from any screen by a simple predefined gesture. (Example: Shake Gesture)

Pixels identification and Buying Experience


The user can click on Pixels identification card to buy or save. Alternatively the user can swipe it away from the screen, if not interested in the product.


The Pixels check out experience.